St Thekla is a developing mission. We are a progressive and affirming Eastern Orthodox Christian mission church. As a mission we are a church committed to expressing the fullness of the Eastern Orthodox traditions, but doing so in ways that are as inclusive as possible.

Come and See

St Thekla IOC is a new mission and we have many opportunities to get involved and plugged in! While a new mission has lots to do, the current focus is building community and connections. We are in the early stages and are focusing on building community.

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St Thekla IOC is working on a space for services and times and location will be announced on the Services and events page and at via our newsletter. You can also contact us for location and schedule. Services are also streamed.

St Thekla IOC also hosts fellowship time we call Coffee Hour . ‘Coffee Hour’ is for fellowship, questions, and connections. These are opportunities to meet, connect, and learn about Orthodoxy. Our presence is our first gift to a community. The link and schedule for coffee hour is also listed on the Services and events page.

Opportunities with our sibling parishes.

The Mustard Seed Eastern Catholic Church Streams Sunday weekly on their Facebook Page .

Prodigal Son Eastern Catholic Church Streams Sundays via their Facebook Page.

For more information take a look at the “about us” page. For opportunities to connect or to get involved check out the Volunteer page or the services and events page. If you have questions or what to talk more about the church feel free to contact us or come to a virtual zoom Coffee Hour

Thank you for visiting.

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