Counting down to Liturgy

In any Orthodox Church the Eucharist is the central liturgical and communal activity and a center of faith and practice. In the coming weeks more items needed to celebrate the Divine Liturgy are in the works. Items are being checked off the list for scheduling a first community Liturgy.

In order to have Liturgy the Church has to have :

The appropriate clergy, – We now have a Priest

Permission/Licensure of the Bishop – We have that in the Antimins

Space – St Francis ECC has graciously given St Thekla use of their space

Liturgical items – The Chalice set and other small items are on their way

Iconostasis – We have a workable solution

Finally – A schedule of chanters and altar servers – We need to make sure we have a few people willing to be organizers and able to work together to make sure we are able to have at least one chanter and or altar server each week so we can have Liturgy.

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