Liturgy at St Thekla IOC

Christ is Risen!

This past week a joint Liturgy with St. Apollinaria IOC was held for Pascha and broadcast via Zoom. This was a test run for having services available via Zoom as well as beginning to work out the process of having face to face services.

The link for the zoom services is on the Service and Events page. Coffee hour/fellowship time will immediately follow.

The services will also be streamed via St Thekla Facebook Page in the future as well.

For face to face services. A schedule will be made available. Due to restrictions and caution there are some procedures we must follow for face to face services. If you wish to come face to face please rsvp via email or the facebook event pages. This helps us make sure we follow appropriate guidelines and are prepared.

Christ is Risen!

-Fr Basil

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