About Us

We are a forming mission of the Convergent Christian Community’s St John Chrysostom Eastern Rite Connexion. As a Church we strive to share the love of Christ and the joy of his life, death and resurrection in community. We express the fullness of the Eastern Orthodox traditions, but do so in ways that are as inclusive as possible. We are fully committed to being icons of God’s boundless love in every aspect of life: socially, structurally and sacramentally. We seek to be a community united around the Creeds, the person and work of Christ, Eastern liturgical and spiritual traditions, and a commitment to justice and mercy.

As a mission St Thekla’s is just getting starting and organizing. Our group is newly forming and people from many backgrounds are responding. We seek to be a community centered around Christ, Eastern Orthodox faith, the contemplative life, mercy, and justice. If you are interested join the facebook group and/or join the email list to get information on meetings, opportunities for service, and liturgical services as they are planned and formed. Info on services and events can be found on our services and events page.

Despite Orthodoxy being typically quite conservative and exclusive, it is Orthodox theology which informs our more open and holistic approach to faith. We believe all people are inherently good and need not necessarily fear an “Angry God.” We affirm God’s perfect love, a love which does not discriminate (meaning of course, that neither should we.) All people bear Christ within them. This informs how we interpret scripture and every aspect of our beliefs.
Being rooted in Eastern Orthodox traditions, liturgy is very important to us. Despite our views being considered “modern” we do not shy away from traditional ways to express worship. Beautiful methods of expressing worship are not for the conservative believers alone. This heritage is all of ours to partake in.
While we do recite the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed, we do invite those of all varieties of faith, or those who are discerning their faith to worship with us in whatever capacity they feel comfortable. The Church, as a “House of God” remains fully available to all of God’s beloved children.

This mission is not just providing a spiritual haven for ourselves, but for others as well.

Learn more about our clergy here

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