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St Thekla IOC is a new mission and we have many opportunities to get involved and plugged in! While a new mission has lots to do, the current focus is building community and connections. We are in the early stages and are focusing on building a core group.

Items are being gathered for a chapel Fr Basil.

How do I start?

The first step is to get connected.

  1. Sign up for our Newsletter
  2. Join our Facebook Group
  3. Send us a note about your questions, interest, or prayer needs

Second is to meet up

Bookmark our zoom link and meet us at 4pm EST Sunday Afternoons for Coffee Hour

Currently, St Thekla IOC hosts online services and an online ‘Coffee Hour’ for fellowship, questions, and connections. These are opportunities to meet, connect, and learn about Orthodoxy. You do not need to take on a ministry or a ton of responsibility to get involved and help out. Our presence is our first gift to a community.


As the mission moves toward a liturgical schedule there will be some roles that need to be filled. This list is in to way exhaustive and if you have other talents or skills you are willing to share contact Fr Basil via the contact page

  1. Altar servers- At least one person per week (and up to six) is needed to help serve the Liturgy- this involves maintaining the censor, getting items for the priest during Liturgy, and being in processions.
  2. Singing – Most of the services are sung and their is always a need for those who are willing to sing and chant. We have a great Chanter who is excited about teaching others to sing and Chant
  3. Children- Church school, and programs for young children during Liturgy
  4. Help with setting up the liturgical space for Liturgy
  5. Parish Council

If you are looking to connect, serve, are interested in leadership, or feel a calling to a vocation please contact us. St Thekla IOC is committed to equipping and supporting all who serve the parish.

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