Youth and Children

Are there programs for Children and Youth?

In the Orthodox tradition children are capable of being full members in the church liturgically and spiritually. Orthodox baptize (and chrismate) infants. This means children are full members from a young age. This is reflected in the encouragement for them to be in the liturgy, be involved, and have access to the services, and Eucharist like adult members. It isn’t always easy for parents or best for all children to be in an entire service. While children are welcomed at any service, to serve children and their families St Thekla seeks to offer programs for children during liturgy and outside liturgy for their edification.

Weekly Sunday School- when we meet face to face we plan of offering Sunday school. This will take place during Orthros.

We will also seek to have a children’s program during the first part of liturgy for those children and families that want or need it. Children will come back in just before Eucharist.

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